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Dare To Dream

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We are a nonprofit dedicated to empowering marginalized communities with the confidence, education, mentorship, and resources to chase their dreams unapologetically through entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

dtd headshot abby Oseguera.jpg
Abby Oseguera
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
dtd headshot Salma Shabana.jpg
Salma Shabana
Finance Development Director
dtd headshot Layla Bailey.jpg
Layla Bailey
Communications Coordinator
dtd headshot Astrid Tagne.jpg
Astrid Tagne
DEI Officer & K-12 Project Manager
dtd headshot Gerdin Ventura.jpg
Gerdin Ventura
Information Technology Specialist
white outlined paper airplane black background.jpg
Marketing Team
dtd headshot takiyah imani.jpg
Takiyah Roberts
Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
dtd headshot Vienne Ladoulis-Urban.jpg
Vienne Ladoulis-Urban
Director of Communications 
dtd headshot Franco Ortuno.jpg
Franco Ortuno
Community Outreach Coordinator
dtd headshot Franco Edah.jpg
Franco Edah
Information Tech Manager
dtd headshot Emanuel Barnes.jpeg
Emanuel Barnes
Visual Storytelling Specialist
dtd headshot Frank Choukouali.jpg
Frank Choukouali
Software Engineer
white outlined paper airplane black background.jpg
Steph Sanchez
Events Team
DTD Headshot_edited.jpg
Jordan Marshall
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
dtd headshot Chaltu Watkins.jpg
Chaltu Watkins
Director of DEI
dtd heahshot Domonic Sims.jpg
Domonic Sims
Special Events Coordinator
dtd headshot Camille Dickerson.jpg
Camille Dickerson
Program Manager
dtd headshot Randy Martinez.jpg
Randy Martinez
Software Engineer
white outlined paper airplane black background.jpg
Valerie Yen
Marketing Team

How We Dare To Dream


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